PDT’s Conservatory is proud of developing accomplished, well-rounded individuals who have been forging successful careers in the arts. Our alumni often credit our curriculum that prepared them to be proficient dancers as well as our faculty for fostering encouragement and guidance.

Alumni continue to dance, choreograph and teach professionally around the world.  Many have become choreographers, producers, artistic directors, arts administrators, and dance teachers.
Others have chosen to study at prestigious conservatories, colleges and universities,
pursuing both dance and non-dance degrees.

Among our alumni who have forged successful careers are:

Principal Dancer
American Ballet Theatre
Pasadena Dance Theatre

Genna Herrera
Ballet West

Emily and Alissa Halpin
formerly with San Francisco Ballet
Pasadena Dance Theatre

Jessamyn Lawrence
formerly with American Ballet Theatre II
Pasadena Dance Theatre

Karen Maisenholder
formerly with Pacific North West

Grigori Arakelyan and Preston Swovelin
both formerly with Nevada Ballet Theatre
Pasadena Dance Theatre