PDT's Conservatory

The official school of the Pasadena Dance Theatre offers the highest quality dance education and training in the San Gabriel Valley. 

Students in all programs enjoy the instruction of a renowned professional faculty invested in developing and guiding students throughout their training. Our approach is based upon the careful and systematic development of proper alignment, placement and strength to provide a base upon which to build more complicated and challenging movement skills.

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This division is for students exploring dance for the first time through imaginative play and creativity, learning fundamental dance movement patterns and musical rhythms. 


Students begin their dance experience through creative play and use of imagination, learning fundamental dance movement patterns and musical rhythms. In time they learn further skills through a series of developmentally appropriate exercises based on the ballet curriculum. Children learn the importance of patiently waiting to take turns, and they gain the confidence to move alone or in a group.

Pre-ballet   Ages 6-7

Students are trained through simple but traditional ballet structures. The class places importance on alignment and posture through codified barre exercises. Students learn the traditional language of ballet through a syllabus designed specifically for this age group. Stretching and strengthening exercises are developed throughout the class period. Classes are accompanied by a live pianist, and students experience and begin to recognize classical music.


Beginning at age 8, dancers are ready to begin the pre-professional program. The levels are Basic 1, 2, 3, Tech 1, 2, 3 and Advanced. Dancers typically stay in a class level for at least a year. Each level builds specific dance skills related to strength, flexibility, balance, memory, knowledge of dance and musicality.

When ready for a new level, faculty and the artistic director will inform dancers and parents prior to the start of the Fall trimester or as needed. Inquiries about levels can also be addressed to the front desk when registering for the new trimester.

Students over the age of 8 and new to PDT are required to take a placement class,
which can be scheduled at the front desk.

Scholarship Program

SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM: This tuition-free program offers students a place to feel encouraged to pursue the art of dance in an environment that stresses hard work, dedication and a lot of fun! The program is designed to foster creativity, enhance athletic skills, increase flexibility, build muscle strength and help develop coordination.  


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