Forms & Policies


Please utilize one of the links below in order to print out your form.

Once you have filled it out, please bring it, upon arrival, to the conservatory.

Absence Form

Adult Registration Form

Conservatory In Concert Release Form

Dress Code

Student Registration Form


These policies will apply to all students of The Conservatory.

All classes will be conducted in closed studios for the benefit of the students. This environment facilitates student concentration by  preventing distractions.

  • Students enrolled in the Pre-Professional Division are expected to attend all regularly scheduled classes unless ill or due to other unavoidable absence.

  • If a student is not able to be present for class, please notify the Conservatory office before noon on the day of class.

  • Attendance is recorded daily by the administrative staff.

  • Students enrolled in the Pre-Professional Division who have two unexcused absences from class or who have failed to notify the office in advance of the absences will be given a notice of probation. Subsequent violations will be reported to the school director.

  • Students are required to be on time for class. Students who are late by 10 minutes or more may sit and take notes and attend a make-up class.

  • Make-up classes must be made within two weeks of the missed class and must be at an equal level or below. The student can choose another genre of dance for a make-up class if they desire (hip hop, jazz, contemporary, etc).

  • A make-up class form must be filled out at the front desk and signed by the parent.

  • Make-up classes will not be given for classes missed due to vacation.

  • Classes are not transferable between siblings or parents.

  • Students must be dressed appropriately as described in the ballet dress code.

  • Parents and students are expected to observe class etiquette and be polite and cooperative.

  • In order to ensure the safety and appropriate training of students, the artistic director’s permission must be sought to attend ballet classes outside the student’s prescribed training program. Approved private lessons can be arranged with individual instructors and scheduled at the front desk.


  • Food or drinks may be consumed in the waiting area only. Food or drinks are not allowed in the studios at any time. Students are NOT allowed to chew gum during class time.

  • Children or siblings of registered students who are not enrolled in Conservatory classes are required to be with an adult at all times.

  • Parents and siblings are not allowed in the classroom but may observe class through the waiting area windows.

  • The studio space, stereos, pianos and other studio equipment are not for personal use. Studio rental can be arranged depending on availability through the front desk receptionist or office manager. Rate will be given upon request.

  • Parents should drop students off no earlier than 30 minutes before class and must pick them up no later than 15 minutes after class is over. We are not responsible for students who leave the premises unattended.

  • In consideration of our neighbors and for the safety of your child, all students should arrive and leave in street clothes. There are two dressing rooms and three restrooms available in the facility.

  • Everyone entering the Conservatory is expected to treat parents of other students, faculty, staff and directors respectfully. Pasadena Dance Theatre reserves the right to refuse service and/or dismiss students or parents who are disrespectful, disruptive or unable to abide by the policies or rules and regulations of the organization.


  • Payment for all classes, including evaluation classes, must be made prior to participation in the class.

  • Tuition is due by the first day of class and is payable by the trimester only. A 10% late fee will apply to unpaid tuition. Classes are not prorated except in the case of students new to Pasadena Dance Theatre who are entering in mid-trimester. Prorating does not apply to the Summer Intensive program.

  • There is a family rate for students with siblings attending classes. The student with the lower tuition receives a 10% discount.

  • Arrangements may be made to pay tuition in three equal installments with an additional surcharge of $30. A tuition installment contract must be completed and signed. The first payment will be due on the first day of the semester. The two remaining payments will be due on dates established in the contract. A 10 percent late fee will be levied on any account not paid by that date. A student whose tuition falls more than two months in arrears may be asked to discontinue classes until the tuition bill has been brought up to date. The bank charges the Conservatory for all returned checks. Therefore, a charge of $30 will be assessed for each returned check.

Registration Fee

There is a one-time registration fee of $50 for the Threshold, Pre-Professional and Open dance programs.  

Cancellation/Withdrawal Policy

No tuition refunds will be given if a student withdraws from a PDT program.

Etiquette & Dress Code

The art of ballet has a rich historical tradition, which is an important part of instruction at PDT. Ballet etiquette and dress codes help foster discipline and unity among students and allow students and teachers alike to focus on proper placement and technique.


  • Students should arrive 10 minutes before class in order to be ready at the start time.

  • In the case of very occasional lateness due to unforeseen difficulties, students should enter class quietly after the end of a combination and wait at the door for the teacher’s acknowledgment and permission to enter.

  • If more than 10 minutes late, the student may be asked to watch rather than participate in the class as students missing a significant portion of the beginning warm-up exercises are at greater risk for injury.

  • Regular tardiness is not acceptable.

  • Students are responsible for helping to maintain a quiet and clean environment by keeping voices low, picking up after themselves and storing their personal items neatly.

  • At each level, students will learn more about ballet etiquette and should follow these principles as they are introduced.


PDT's dress code requires a specific style and color for each division. In addition, each student is required to wear a white elastic band around the waist, which we will have in the studio for those who do not have their own. The uniform is available through  To set up an account and register for the Studio Program, click on Pasadena Dance Theatre for a drop-down menu of class levels.  Click on the appropriate class level and you will find a link for the class uniform.

Tech 4 and above enjoy Free Fridays, where they may wear any leotard color and style they wish.


Threshold Division: Eurotard -- Child short sleeve leotard item # 1043
           Pre-Dance (3-5yrs) -- Light (baby) Blue
           Pre-Ballet (6-7yrs) -- Black

Pre-Professional Division: Eurotard -- Child short sleeve leotard Item # 1043
          Basic 1 – Black
          Basic 2 – Black
          Basic 3 – Black

Eurotard – Adult pinch front “V”-back camisole leotard item # 10527
         Tech 1 – Royal Blue
         Tech 2 – Navy Blue
         Tech 3 – Hunter green
         Tech 4 – Burgundy
         Advanced 1 – Black
         Advanced 2 – Light Blue
         Trainee – Lilac

Threshold Division:
           White T-shirt, black bike shorts, white stockings, white ballet slippers, dance belt and waist belt.

Pre-Professional Division:
           White T-shirt, black tights, white stockings, white ballet slippers, dance belt and waist belt.

HAIR (all levels)
          Boys – Hair should be combed back from the face.
          Girls – Hair should be pulled away from the face and worn in a bun or pinned back up and
          off the neck.
Watches, bracelets, necklaces, dangling earrings or heavy jewelry of any kind are NOT to be worn in class at any time. Tights must be worn inside the ballet shoe and be clean, with no holes or runs. Please do not wear extra clothing beyond what is listed in the dress code. Students without ballet shoes will be required to watch the class rather than participate.