The Open Dance Program 

is designed for students ages 8-18 who want classical training as a supplement to gymnastics training, ice skating or more commercial dance styles.  



Students may choose to participate in fewer classes than required in the Pre-Professional Division and may also opt to take contemporary, Pilates, and yoga alongside or in place or ballet classes.  The number of days and hours spent dancing in this division will be tailored to the individual needs of the student.  Please note that advancement to higher levels depends on the dancers' degree of commitment to their program.



Performance Opportunities

Students have three opportunities to perform alongside registered Conservatory students.  In the Fall they are invited to audition for Pasadena Dance Theatre's production of The Nutcracker.  By performing with professionals students acquire stage decorum, bust self-esteem, and learn to transition from a student to a professional.  All students must audition to be cast.  Auditions for children's roles of this production are open to the public.  In the spring, students are encouraged to take part in the end of the year performance of the Conservatory In Concert. This is a ticketed public event where each level demonstrates exercises and skills acquired throughout the year.  Both productions take place at the historic San Gabriel Mission Playhouse.

By choosing to participate in Conservatory activities, students in the Open Dance Program WILL BE required to attend all classes leading up to the performance.  Participation in this activity will be up to the instructor.  Attendance and commitment are highly recommended.  

Our highly-regarded Summer Intensive Program is a perfect time to explore and experience MORE of what our curriculum offers and another opportunity to perform at the end of the program's showcase, Summer Showings!  



The PDT Conservatory accepts students year-round.  Classes for students in this program are $20 each.  A book of classes are available at the Front Desk.  We highly recommend that our students register at the beginning of each trimester, but are welcome at any time during our academic year.  



Evaluations will be provided by the student's teacher and school director upon request.