The John C. Hench Foundation

 From L-R   Jose and Leonor Deetjen, Sandy and Don Huskin.

From L-R   Jose and Leonor Deetjen, Sandy and Don Huskin.

We thank our generous sponsors for making our programs possible.  Their generosity allows us to realize our mission to support, foster and advance the art of dance through professional performances and educational programs.


Presenting Sponsors

The Walt Disney Company Foundation

The Pasadena Community Foundation


Platinum Sponsors 

BNY Mellon Corporation

The Red Shoes

Alex Olson


Gold Sponsors


Brian & Soyou Yamaguchi


Silver Sponsors

Janis Chodas

Paige Olson


Bronze Sponsors

Chaz Ronald Barcenilla, Barbara Bennett, Kathy Braidhill, John Cashman, Pam Eamranond,        Jackie Feinstein, Robin Kelley, Earle & Dawn Miller, Kaholyn & Carson McKissick, Gamze Onur Trygstad, Eric & Christa Pfleeger, Joshua & Dorothy Potter,                  John Schaefer, Gretel Stephens, Jean S. Tom, Karen Treharne


Friends of the Conservatory

Kellene Adachi, Ellenore Angelidis, Anonymous, Britt Baria, Cherylynne Berger,      Brent Bessire, Roxanne Carlton Raubacher, Deborah Crist-Salcedo, Kathy Christie, Carol Cowherd, Tim Duffy, Leslie Eggers, David Ho, Cassandra Horii,  Ira Kalina, Sara Lee, Phoebe Marral, Brook McKasson, Cory Neil, Larry Olson,      Vickie Vixie Olson, Meena Patel, Marilyn Peck Hall, Evan Pontoriero, Chris Ritter,    Sarah Rudolph Cole, Amy Schmieder, Lawrence & Patricia Sparks,                        Nancy & Chester Volpe, Judy Warrack Fey, Jody Weinberg