Pre-Professional Advanced Training 

PDT's Advanced Training is comprised of students personally invited by the Artistic Director from the Conservatory's most advanced level.  It's a unique opportunity to work with professional dancers in a professional atmosphere.



Students participate in daily ballet technique and pointe classes taught by PDT's Conservatory faculty.  They must be able to commit to a minimum of 8 hours of training in addition to 8-10 hours of rehearsal weekly.  They are assessed and reviewed annually where continuation in the program will be evaluated. Assessments are based on the individual’s participation, and development both technically and artistically.


Performance Opportunities

The selected students will have the opportunity to perform from October to June.  They understudy and perform in Pasadena Dance Theatre productions including Master Dance Maker - Conversation With the Choreographer series and in Cynthia Young's Nutcracker.  In addition to working with the professional company participants are coached on a group choreography as well as solos culminating in the Conservatory In Concert performance in May.  



Participation is by invitation from the Artistic Director Cynthia Young.  Students are selected from the most advanced ballet class.  Participants are bound by and required to adhere to the guidelines set forth in the Trainee Handbook



In their own words

Being a part of the trainee program is an amazing experience. The curriculum and performance opportunities of the program have helped me to grow as a dancer, and also allowed me to form bonds with an amazing group of dancers.
— Isabel de la Torre Roehl
It is important to understand that the Trainee Program is a commitment you are
making to dance and consistently attending your requirements. However, if you feel ready to make the commitment personally, then the payoff is well worth it!
— Molly Mullane